Bad things can and do happen to good people, but…

Kathy with John Hann, personal trainer
Certainly life has its dangers and bad things happen to good people. General no-fault insurance isn’t part of the package when we come into this world. Toronto psychotherapist Kathy Vance bases her practice on Adlerian democratic principals, life-long study of the central nervous system, and mind/body symbiosis.
“Anxiety,relationship or work stress, creativity challenges, sexuality issues, health and spirituality roadblocks-these can all clip our ability to live to full capacity. We all get fractured. We all wish that something had happened or someone had come along to save us from past pain and abusive situations. I teach my clients how to mine their own resources and move ahead to tomorrow without ignoring the past. There is often no need to prod into old wounds for the sake of re-awaking and re-living old traumas.
I teach you how to be your own champion, to be the hero of your past and present, how to genuinely re-construct your life with renewed confidence.”