The Art of Falling

My teenage years were very unstable, both emotionally and physically.  My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and his fear of falling was a constant worry in our family.  Uneven ground seemed to rise up to meet him and his internal balancing mechanism was too slow to respond.   Partly as a response to his condition I took martial arts lessons.  In… Continue reading The Art of Falling


My hairdresser once told me that he recognized his clients’ vitality or illness by the condition of their hair. Weird but true, we humans are covered with as much hair as gorillas.  The function of hair is to connect us with our feelings.   Sudden fear makes the hair stands up on your arms and on the back of… Continue reading Hair

Grand Pursuit

Sylvia Nasar I recently attended a lecture at the Rotman School of Business by Sylvia Nasar, author of the book (made into a movie)  A Beautiful Mind .  She was speaking about her new book , Grand Pursuit, The Story of Economic Genius.   It describes the history of money and people, economic efficiency, social justice,… Continue reading Grand Pursuit

Waving Our Own Flag

One unit stands out from all the rest. Standing out has its risks and its rewards.   I lived in Montreal for a time and always felt a “check me out” energy vibrating in that city.   In Toronto, a city I have grown to love,  I pick up a different energy, more of a “what are… Continue reading Waving Our Own Flag