Starry Night-Goodbye Jack

I stood at Riverdale hill just south of the Danforth and looked out over the wide expanse of parkland that skirts Toronto’s downtown and saw a clear night sky.  Downtown buildings were alight and awash with ‘orange’ for the honourable Jack Layton.  Developers had decked the many building cranes off in the distance and they stood in ‘orange’… Continue reading Starry Night-Goodbye Jack

To each there is a season

Everything in good time.  Peaches are now in season.  Blanching, peeling and freezing them now will ensure yummy smoothies come  the depth of winter. Taking responsibility for the consequence of our thoughts, words, and action (‘karma ‘ in Buddhist parlance), adds to our tool box  in affecting  perceptions about our past and our intentions for the present and future. … Continue reading To each there is a season

Good Neighbours-Floral Artistry

My friends Bernard Thibeault and John Hann, owners of Floral Artistry on Broadview Avenue near my psychotherapy office, make my Riverdale neighbourhood a more beautiful place to live and work.  These two gentlemen practise the old but not lost art of kindness to friends and contribution to community.  Malcolm Gladwell (The Tipping Point, Outliers), talks about success taking… Continue reading Good Neighbours-Floral Artistry