Waving Our Own Flag

One unit stands out from all the rest. Standing out has its risks and its rewards.   I lived in Montreal for a time and always felt a “check me out” energy vibrating in that city.   In Toronto, a city I have grown to love,  I pick up a different energy, more of a “what are you looking at?”  Getting checked out for being different can be disconcerting.

In a recent interview, Arlene Dickinson, sole owner of one of Canada’s largest independent marketing firms, was asked about her participation on the popular t.v. show, Dragon’s Den.  On this show, entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas in order to secure investment financing from a panel of venture capitalists.  One former panelist left the show citing that feedback to the entrepreneurs is too harsh.  Arlene agrees.  At the same time, she says:  “That’s life.  You’ll meet lots of characters in life who are hard to get along with and many who are less than pleasant.”  Arlene says she’s happy that she stepped out from her own comfort zone to be on the show.  She now gets to add her own stamp on things and enable more Canadians to venture forth on their own.

One of the best things in life is linking up with others who are kindred to your own sensibilities and then working together to make a good idea fly.  People  come to my psychotherapy office to find out how to make changes inside themselves so that they can get this collaborative process off the ground.   Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Change is my business.