The Gift of Fear

The Gift of FearProtecting the Gift   Over the holidays I digitalized my music collection and also went through the books on my bookshelf with the goal of re-cycling those I probably won’t read again.   Gavin de Becker’s books are definite keepers.   They never leave my home, I don’t even like to lend them out.  I encourage one and all to buy copies of your own.  Of all the self-help books I know of, these two mean the most to me.  They actually represent lives saved in my counseling practice.   The information in these two books will give you confidence and the ability to protect yourself in threatening circumstances.  Much as I love my ability to think things through cognitively, I love my gut instinct more.  When it counts the most in life, we need to act and react quickly by listening to our instincts.  

Where there are sheep there are wolves.   Gavin DeBecker wants his readers to stay alive through anxious times, to trust their impromptu skills.  Google him.  Check out his Mosaic threat assessment system.    For those of you who read and then teach others, especially children, the preventive lessons provided in these books give peace of mind.   Prevention (error avoidance) is the best predictor for lowering stress/anxiety.  This knowledge informs my psychotherapy practice.  Let it inform your life too.  Let’s  each one teach one to grow in strength.  Happy New Year!