It’s All There

Sitting in their container these red lentils are on hold.  The candle is unlit, the coffee has yet to feel the heat. 

According to a well known Chinese saying,  if you want to see the future, look into the present.   What we do now affects the future.  If we do nothing, nothing will happen differently.

Sometimes the only thing that seems to be moving in our lives are our emotions, causing all kinds of stress and anxiety.  Cascades of emotional events happen to us,  they can bring us to the boiling point, yet we aren’t doing anything to manage the heat.  Often it’s our loved ones or co-workers who point out to us that we’re fumbling the ball, or ‘losing it’.  We’re told to take it easy, smell the roses, take a valium, have a drink, get laid, don’t sweat the small stuff, get retail therapy, go on a holiday.   Temporary gratification can be fun, but if you want to ignite the candle and the match doesn’t strike, the candle will not shine its light.

Can you see your own eye lashes without looking into a mirror?  Once we can identify the markers in ourselves that others can point out to us but that we can only feel, not see,  we can intercede on our own behalf and make the duration and frequency of how much we fall short of our own potential so much shorter.

In the safety zone of my office you can express yourself fully and  privately.  You will leave my office with tools to navigate your emotions, identify practical next steps forward, and a lighter heart.