Anxiety buster


Many of my clients come in to see me about anxiety.  This is what one client wrote to me after we worked together for a few sessions.  I have her permisission to post her comments on my blog.


 1. Patience – let the loved ones in my life say what they need to say without snapping at them.  Take the time to truly listen to them instead of worrying and focusing on my anxious feelings.


 2.  Be as calm on the inside as I may appear on the outside.


 3.  Not be afraid to help strangers in need – not let fear of what they might say hold me back.


 4.  Not be afraid to approach acquaintances that I may see on the street.  Stop pretending not to see them (for same reasons as above).


 5.  Travel.  Stop letting “what if’s” hold me back.


 6.  Stop letting “what if’s” hold me back in general – not turn down new opportunities for reasons that don’t actually exist.  


 7.  Appreciate life, appreciate that I’m here now. (No more worrying about the future/things that are out of my control) – similar to above.


 8.  Accept death as part of life.  Not be afraid of it.  Accept that I don’t know what happens after life and be OK with that.


 I think these all have a similar theme, which makes sense!  I will be sure to read this list over and over to remind myself of what I want and to add to it as I think of new things.


 Thank you Kathy. Talk to you again soon.  




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