T’is the Season

It’s the time of year to express our hopes and dreams, no matter what our religious or cultural background may be.   As a psychotherapist who has practised in Toronto for almost three decades, I wish that every childhood could be care free, for meaningful work for everyone, for sustained and recovering health, for meaningful lives for every senior, shelter from the storm, happy babies, end to wars, politicians who are honourable, green forests, blue skies, clean water, food for all… I think we all share these hopes and dreams.

I’m not a fan of cheap sentiment but I would describe myself as a realistic optimist. Otherwise I could not listen to all the stories that my clients bring to me in my family counselling practice.  Each of my clients is dear to me, now and during all the seasons.

I love the bright lights and twinkly colours hung in public spaces in this, the darkest time of year.  Every day from today we’ll see a little more sunlight coming  back into our lives and into the coming year.