Red Hot Emotions

I love colour but when I was shopping for a bicycle helmet I was told not to buy a RED helmet because the human eye naturally focuses on the colour RED.  Studies have proven that RED helmet wearers get hit more often by cars, therefore attracting the very same energy that they’re designed to guard… Continue reading Red Hot Emotions

Judgmental vs. good judgment

We’re told not to be judgmental, but in fact, we make judgment calls all the time.  Should I come out at work?  Who’s allowed to play with your kids? Should I go out with that guy?  Spend money on a holiday or not?  Buy or lease the car?  Rent out my apartment to that person or not?  Become… Continue reading Judgmental vs. good judgment


This elephant of a tree grew on my cousin Alan’s farm for many years before it was Alan’s farm.  To stand in this tree’s company or to swing from its bough was pure joy for me- both as a child and as a visiting grown up. I’m interested in the things in life that we… Continue reading Tree

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Sibling Room Sharing

Parents sometimes ask if it’s okay for pre-pubescent siblings of opposite genders to share a bedroom. This is a very practical question -especially when money and space are tight.  Can children of opposite sexes be friends and share space together?  Some can, some can’t.  The benefit for those who can is that sometimes they sleep better.  They develop a special closeness. But not because… Continue reading Sibling Room Sharing