Fear for sure

Every client is afraid.
Every practitioner is afraid.
Fear to a greater or lesser extent is to be acknowledged.

How I acknowledge my own fear is by recognizing that it exists and that my experience in dealing with it exists.  Before facing a fear provoking event, I scan it in my mind beforehand using before/during/& after understanding modules.  This is what I mean:

Before: I make plans for myself before a fearful event (an example for me would be a clinical medical procedure).  I plan a hot bath with music & candles or a swim in my community centre pool, and I always walk & talk in the park with either my partner or a good friend.

During: I bring awareness to my increased heart rate, my fuzzy thinking, my cold hands & cold feet, all of which indicate to me that I’m stressed and in fear.  If I have the presence of mind, I breathe myself back into warmth and clear thinking.

After:  I give myself credit and congratulate myself for recognizing that fear has been the visitor in that experience and I assure myself that now I can rise up inside myself to survive another day with grace.

In my Riverdale counselling office, fear and anxiety are constant visitors.  Showing these visitors the door them the door is what we accomplish together.