Tree and swing re-size

This elephant of a tree grew on my cousin Alan’s farm for many years before it was Alan’s farm.  To stand in this tree’s company or to swing from its bough was pure joy for me- both as a child and as a visiting grown up.

I’m interested in the things in life that we remember and value and what we choose to overlook or to pass by.  We are what we set our sights on.  If you see this tree as future furniture, you’re missing the story.


“What good is it to me?”  Many people think the earth would be better without us in it but I don’t think so. The capacity for human beings to express and experience the pendulum from joy to suffering is enormous.  People who can sustain their centre, like my tree, through the storms of every season, even embrace being human in the face of inhumanity, have my deepest respect.  Arms big enough to hug the world.

The windows of my family counselling office in Riverdale are surrounded by trees.  In this safe environment we learn to be strong.

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