Judgmental vs. good judgment

ist2_2663047-scales-of-justice[1]We’re told not to be judgmental, but in fact, we make judgment calls all the time.  Should I come out at work?  Who’s allowed to play with your kids? Should I go out with that guy?  Spend money on a holiday or not?  Buy or lease the car?  Rent out my apartment to that person or not?  Become an entrepreneur? Retire now or later?  Get married?  Move out West?….every day, week, month, year…. we make decisions all the time.

We’re judged by others based on the decisions we make because most decisions affect others. When people say that life doesn’t get easier, that’s not true. Life does get easier when your judgments are based on what is right based on the time, place and people involved.   We all need to develop the capacity to weigh, or judge, the pros and cons of our decisions in any given context.

At Kathy Vance Psychotherapy many of life’s dilemmas can be solved in one or two sessions. I’ll give you the tools you need to come to your own good judgment about your own special situation as well as how to balance your judgment with your own intuition and gut feelings.

That’s the way to build confidence.  Then you become your own best judge.