Red Hot Emotions


I love colour but when I was shopping for a bicycle helmet I was told not to buy a RED helmet because the human eye naturally focuses on the colour RED.  Studies have proven that RED helmet wearers get hit more often by cars, therefore attracting the very same energy that they’re designed to guard against.   The bull fighter’s cape is RED.

I wonder whether the attraction to the colour RED come from the colour of our blood.

RED hot flares of passionate love or extreme hatred are emotions we like to dumb down because of their ability to carry us away.

We adults are supposed to be beyond temper tantrums.   When five year olds can’t express the extremes of their own emotions they kick, hit, bite and spit.  It takes no how, practice, and sometimes,  when you’re between a rock and a hard place,  talking with a good mentor to be able stand up for yourself, maintain your dignity and self respect.

If you feel overtaken by feelings/emotions you can’t control or that seem to be controlling you, call Kathy Vance psychotherapy services:  416.465.4121.   This does not mean that you’re weak.  It means you’re strong.

We’ll deal with things together and set you on your way.