What are you going to be on Hallowe’en?

This year parents have been taking their children out for trial runs, preparing them for  Saturday night which is Halloween.  Kids dressed up to look like Super Woman or Chaos Man, and the most popular costumes right now are the gaming ones, click here for options and not only the characters of the latest online games but they are even dressing up as consoles and devices imagine that ! and they are encouraged to knock on strangers’ doors and be proud of they’re brand new costumes and most of them done handmade.  Some of them don’t know their neighbors, their parents have been too busy or too tired to make the connections.  The little kids in their costumes are so tentative, the stairs to the front porches so high.

Ideally, life in general should afford time for practice.  No one can be a ready made expert in everything.  Relationships, work environments, parenting and inter-generational family life are complex.   These are the kinds of things we talk about, privately and constructively, in my Riverdale therapy office.


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