Family Therapy

I believe that psychotherapy is money well spent if couples’ counseling helps enhance your marriage or depression therapy saves your relationship with yourself and those around you.  We all get fractured.  We all wish that something had happened or someone had come along to save us from past pain or abusive situations.  In my psychotherapy practice there is little need to prod into old wounds for the sake of re-awakening and re-living old traumas. Mental health therapy and relationship therapy go hand in hand. Whether facing parenting challenges, or you need behavioural therapy, or anxiety therapy, I will show you true self-help, how to be your own champion, to be the hero of your past, present and future.
Solution focused therapy: how we feel affects how we think and how we think affects how we feel. Even in these advanced times, the mind and body are often seen as separate entities.  Very smart people categorize problems as being either biological/mechanical or emotional.  I know them to be inseparable.  I use body-feedback science in my Toronto psychotherapy practice as well as neuro-science to illustrate this in measurable terms.

Individual and family therapy is about: new baby- where did our intimacy go; I had a motor vehicle accident and life has never been the same; I got married because all my friends were getting married but now I wonder if I made the right decision; I have cancer; I have cancer and I have kids, I hate my father. My family counseling  practice is a general one, filled with psycho-social issues, congruent with life in Toronto-varied, diverse, and always colourful. I will teach you in practical ways how to mine your own mental and physical resources.
Family therapy and individual therapy is about getting strategic and overcoming unbalance when coping with illness and trauma, gaining and losing/meeting and departing- finding and getting to happy with yourself and those you love.  It can be difficult for doctors to make a differential diagnosis in situations of chronic pain such as when a patient’s reported physical pain persists but there is no medical or scientific evidence.  Unless they specialize in cognitive therapy or psychotherapy, medical doctors don’t have much latitude for therapeutic conversations in their offices. The billing system alone makes it difficult for them.  This is where a good psychotherapist can be effective and many family doctors are now referring to family therapy services in Toronto.
From my own rehabilitation and from my personal experience in the medical system,  I know all about waiting for a diagnosis, standing up for yourself or someone you love, combating medical fear mongering, being a patient, caring for a patient.
Working within and alongside the medical system is the basis of my Toronto psychotherapy practice which is based in the Riverdale area of Toronto at 741 Broadview Avenue Suite 304.