Workplace Stress

Workplace stress often goes unspoken & unresolved.

Coping with workplace stress keeps a lot of people up at night.  In Ottawa in the 1960s my father was one of many civil servants who participated in the formation of the public civil service union.  Because of his work stress there were obvious stress symptoms within our family; my mother, I realized years later, thought he was having an affair while he was actually going to secret meetings after work.  Workplace stress was a presence in our home, although in reality, when we were growing up, nobody talked about anything like that in my family.

Anxiety and stress management between what we do to make a living and the rest of our lives can lead to unbalance that is sometimes temporary and sometimes chronic.  Managing stress is a good part of my practice as a psychotherapist in Toronto.  For a lot of people, social connection, a sense of community, is found in the work place.

Corporate stress is huge.  The stress of self-employment is demanding in different ways. We all have to make a living.  If life is all about relationships, our relationship to money is crucial.  A month off each year or a new SUV?  If I work harder, maybe I can get to a place where I don’t have to work so much anymore, if I work hard I don’t have to go home and deal with my marriage,  if I snort a few lines I’ll be able to work until midnight, I love my work but it’s  not enough, I like my co-workers but the conditions we work under are toxic, my spouse is a workaholic, I feel de-valued because I haven’t been able to find work in my field… we think what we feel and we feel what we think.

Exhaustion: Flipping from one extreme to another doesn’t create balance, it actually creates exhaustion.  Self help books about stress management help but often provide more short term entertainment than life changing solutions.  Balance is an attainable goal. I’ll give you practical and tangible means for getting to and maintaining your centre point that custom fits you.

On a personal note, before I became a psychotherapist I worked in both the public and the private sectors- Revenue Canada (Canada Revenue Agency) in the tariff and trade area, Sherman Records, the Hudsons’ Bay Company, Bell telephone, Allstate Insurance- to name a few. Anxiety release and stress management go hand in hand.  I’ll share everything I know with you so you can continue on with your life to create harmony and happiness for yourself and with your family.