Feeling the squeeze?

Stress stress stress.  Home life, work life balance?  Sounds good but how?  Don’t want to spend hours in therapy?  Come and see me for a session or two and develop useful   living patterns customized for you and for the benefit of your family.  In my psychotherapy practice at Broadview and Danforth, I’ve helped many individuals and couples find ways through the… Continue reading Feeling the squeeze?

8 point letter about anxiety

Many of my clients come in to see me about anxiety.  This is what one client (with her permission) wrote to me after working together for a few sessions. 1. Patience – let the loved ones in my life say what they need to say without snapping at them.  Take the time to truly listen… Continue reading 8 point letter about anxiety

Fear for sure

Every client is afraid. Every practitioner is afraid. Fear to a greater or lesser extent is to be acknowledged. How I acknowledge my own fear is by recognizing that it exists and that my experience in dealing with it exists.  Before facing a fear provoking event, I scan it in my mind beforehand using before/during/&… Continue reading Fear for sure

It’s All There

Sitting in their container these red lentils are on hold.  The candle is unlit, the coffee has yet to feel the heat.  According to a well known Chinese saying,  if you want to see the future, look into the present.   What we do now affects the future.  If we do nothing, nothing will happen differently.… Continue reading It’s All There

Stop the stop

Freeze.   Don’t go left.  Don’t go right.  Don’t go forward.  Stop. We’re familiar with the phrase fight or flight.  Neuro-science now introduces us to the freeze response as an integral link in the survival chain.  It’s an animal reaction.  When my dog is scared by a loud sound she stops dead, suddenly incapable of jumping up… Continue reading Stop the stop