Working together to help you and your children grow in strength.

Kathy Vance Toronto PsychotherapistHi, I’m Kathy Vance and I have a practice as a Psychotherapist in the Toronto community of Riverdale.

Many things affect us deeply in our busy lives.  Yet we find ourselves unable, unwilling, or reluctant to talk our issues through with family, friends or physician.  Psychotherapy sessions with me in my Toronto office are focused, strategic, and tailored to your needs.

I have provided individual and family psychotherapy/counseling in Toronto for over twenty years.

My experience includes training physicians how to be good psychotherapists.  I myself am supervised by a clinical psychologist.  You are welcome to come for one session, a series, or as required.

As a psychotherapist, I offer you:

  • Brief, results oriented counselling – plain speaking, clear understanding
  • Individual and Family Therapy sessions
  • Clients leave my psychotherapy office with practical solutions to apply in their daily lives
  • Come for one counseling session, a series, or intermittently: yours to design

Family Therapy Sessions

Whether facing parenting challenges, or you need behavioural therapy, or anxiety therapy, I will show you true self-help, how to be your own champion, to be the hero of your past, present and future.

Sexuality issues

Like ‘living your passion’, the phrase: sexuality issues can be confusing.  Is it talk about sex itself – yes, sometimes- or is it about relationships, intimacy, body, heart and soul connection?  Some things we have to come to while in a ‘safe space’. I offer that to you in my therapy sessions.

Workplace Stress

Coping with workplace stress keeps a lot of people up at night. The stress of self-employment is demanding in different ways. We all have to make a living.  If life is all about relationships, our relationship to money is crucial.  I’ll share everything I know with you so you can continue on with your life to create harmony and happiness for yourself and with your family.