Deb Dana and the Poly Vagal Theory

Deb Dana has provided many ways to access the thoughts and actions of change, growth and the fun of becoming stewards of strength. Here is a link to a conversation she holds on:,vid:V-naiAdVMzk

Life on Delay – Stuttering…

Sometimes life expressed is spontaneous and uncensored. With stuttering there is a delay. This link is to an NPR recording featuring author: John Hendrickson

Police Power Struggles …at the pleasure of the people

…to encounter power struggles and resolve them is to serve at the pleasure of the people, hold their confidence and is a sentiment of democracy and equality. Abuse of might and force can break faith with the people and once faith is broken it is difficult to reestablish.  Without clarity, at its worst, abuse can… Continue reading Police Power Struggles …at the pleasure of the people

Crisis + Perspective

This little dung Beatle is working her way up hill – while wouldn’t you know it – there are other forces in nature that need to be accounted for in order to navigate where to go … demanding a task refocus can be a good thing. Tapestry the c.b.c radio show March 12, 2023 features… Continue reading Crisis + Perspective

The Little Prince

As a companion to learning French, my friend Wendy, has taken the time to read this book through with me on Zoom. Coincidently, the highlight is found in valuing friendships – to care for ourselves and others and finding value there, and in so doing taming the heart of loneliness.


Home There is a resting place, a starting place that you can always return to. You can always bring your mind back home and rest right here, right now, in present, unbiased awareness. Excerpted from: Pema Chödrön’s Compassion Cards: Teachings for Awakening the Heart in Everyday Life by Pema Chödrön,

Bravery – Beatrice Bing

Beatrice Bing – Hated (aka rendered invisible) while alive, now, celebrated. The incredulous proliferation of ingrained prejudice means we all miss the boat – great that people can float in gravity.

Unintended consequences and why biofeedback is so important in Who and how to listen to others? How to listen to yourself?

Why I love this photo! The best planned photo may experience the unintended and sometimes that surprise is worth more than the original intention. Enjoying the experience of the unscripted moment is part of the fun of life, especially during times of important decision making. If you listen to the two speakers linked below –… Continue reading Unintended consequences and why biofeedback is so important in Who and how to listen to others? How to listen to yourself?

Oprah had well intentioned uninvited drop in calls. Boundaries.

“If you are not invited Please do not Pass through these gates”…at which point many people would nod and walk on by. But what happens when they don’t. Usually we know about ‘hard deterrents’ like police…but what about ‘soft’ deterrents? What are they and how and when do we employ them?