Unintended consequences and why biofeedback is so important in Who and how to listen to others? How to listen to yourself?

Why I love this photo! The best planned photo may experience the unintended and sometimes that surprise is worth more than the original intention. Enjoying the experience of the unscripted moment is part of the fun of life, especially during times of important decision making.

If you listen to the two speakers linked below – they both want your attention and to influence your thinking. Notice how your body reacts to their sound rather than the content. Biofeedback is a way of feeling while you are in the experience, sometimes before hand, or sometimes afterward. Informing yourself maybe enhanced by joining their content with how their voice makes you feel. By design sound moves us – a song invites us and the lyrics inform us. Then, notice your telephone voice. As you are speaking can the listener hear a smile on your face? A frown? An irritation? A blame? A shame? What comes through to them from you?

The third link is a free app to a site in Australia founded by a business man interested in promoting the process of communication. I use it for me with my self-talk, and how I come across to others. Although designed for kids I love it for me as an adult. It is plain, fun, engaging, and deals with the tough beginnings that I want to follow in getting and giving comfort/support.

Manipulative people | Jordan Peterson – YouTube
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www.smilingmind.com.au – mindfulness and meditation.